A Pocket Your Grill Will Love

There are few summer treats better suited to the grill than kabobs. Endlessly adaptable, kid-friendly, and serves the purpose of bringing foods normally unfamiliar to the grill to center stage. We admire the kabob. But we thought we could do one better. So we designed the Pocket, a non-stick mesh you can load up, flip, transport, and reuse endlessly.

No more worries about something slipping off the kabob while cooking, no problems with skewers getting searing hot. No more little holes in your food, for those who value the presentation as a sacred component of a meal. The Pocket is a great solution for a meal on the go. If you’re packing up and cooking out, we recommend loading this up before you leave. This product is simple, effective, and transportation friendly.

This 11.5″ x 13″ Pocket can hold 4 standard kabobs’ worth of food. Its snap design ensures nothing’s coming out until you’re ready to serve, and makes flipping for even cooking absolutely effortless.

The trouble with kabobs tends to be uneven cook time. While the onions are starting to burn, the steak has just begun to sear to the grill grates. Food loss doesn’t have to be inevitable, with the nonstick mesh serving as a barrier between the metal and food.

Whether for the experienced chef or a grill amateur, the Pocket enhances every aspect of the grilling experience.

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