All Flavor, No Mess: Mesh Screens are a Revolution for Your Smoker

Essentialware's mesh screens are ideal companions for any grill or smoker. Reduce the mess, simplify cleaning & prolong the life of your grill/smoker.

All Flavor, No Mess: Mesh Screens are a Revolution for Your Smoker

Is it easy to use?

The reinforced sides are a simple solution to a messy problem: as you remove the food from the mat, all its contents stay contained. Moving to and from the grill doesn’t require scooping, sliding, or picking.

Will it maintain the flavor?

Grill sheets are great if you’re cooking fatty foods or using public grills, but the brilliance of the mesh grill mat goes beyond the surface.

Solid Teflon mats own their place on the grill; they deliver meat from the searing disappointment of stuck food, hold the juices close for a juicier product, and vastly reduce the mess and cleanup of cindered foodstuff on the grill grate. But with this comes one major drawback: without the direct contact of the grill surface to the food, all the grill flavor is wasted on the underside of the Teflon. This is even more counter intuitive in a smoker, where that smokey flavor is the name of the game.

Mesh Teflon, then, is something like the holy grail of barbecue, benefiting from all the smokey notes of direct-to-grill method and all the ease of Teflon.

Intense flavor, no sticking, easy clean-up, transfer, and ready to use again and again. 

Circulation of the smoke completely around the food item. Solid grill mats fail the final test of a true bbq product: does that slow smoked salmon get the sweet caramelized buttery flavor you aim for with the synthesis of smoke and sugar? Or is it a candied mess? We hope never the second.

Hours and hours and hours on a smoker yields divine flavors, complex and subtle nods to the slow curing process you’ve devoted to your smoker. But when it’s time to remove the ribs from the wire rack, you find a little fusion took place. A little prying ribs through that lovely surface and leaves meat to char to the grate, eventually to be painstakingly scrubbed off later. Lose none of the food, gain all of the flavor

Is it easy to clean up?

Almost too easy.

Fill the sink basin with an inch or two of warm soapy water, and use a soft sponge to remove all excess. Teflon’s nonstick surface will repel all residue, so the purpose of this step is to remove cooking oils, so that your Teflon doesn’t feel filmy for your next use.


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