How to Set Up a Perfect Garment Graphic Heat Transfer

heat press over red t shirt with Essentialware logo

How to get a perfect heat press transfer every single time A garment graphic heat transfer refers to a method of applying intricate and colorful designs, logos, or artwork onto fabrics, primarily clothing, using heat and pressure. This process involves printing the desired image onto a special transfer paper using specialized inks, and then utilizing […]

Is There a Hidden Asterisk in Meat-Free?

Essentialware provides contamination-free, griddle-friendly solid PTFE baskets & sheets to keep meat & vegan/vegetarian products separate on your cook/toaster line

Is There a Hidden Asterisk in Meat-Free? By 2023, how many top 20 quick service chains have tested or premiered plant-based meat alternatives? Short answer: just about all the top chains. The power of a plant-based launch can be game-changing. Take a look at White Castle, the trendsetter who premiered their Impossible Slider in 2018 […]