Forget Grill Sheets – Grill with PTFE Mesh Baskets

Forget Grill Sheets - Grill with PTFE Mesh Baskets

Forget Grill Sheets – Grill with PTFE Mesh Baskets

Turn on daytime or late-night TV and you can’t avoid commercials with some dude hawking magic non-stick grilling sheets. This miracle product is nothing more than PTFE coated fiberglass fabric sold at a hefty premium price. The grill sheet product really works as advertised, but the PTFE grill product that delivers far more value is the PTFE mesh basket.

The grill sheet is a great flexible non-stick option for the grill and its downside is that the sheet blocks all that great charcoal and smoke aroma that make grilled food distinctive. The open mesh design, on the other hand, allows all the great flavoring of the grill to penetrate food items. Like the grill sheet, the PTFE mesh basket is non-stick.

  • Try the PTFE mesh basket on your grill with many foods items that normally fall through grates, like veggies, shrimp, french fries and flaky fish.
  • If you have tried the traditional foil method and ended up with soggy veggies or fries, the mesh basket is your solution– total airflow and direct contact with smoke will ensure a crisp, grill-marked result every time.
  • The basket design also prevents food loss through the grill grates and foods brown or blacken as if placed directly on the grill surface. One note of caution; don’t place fatty foods, like burgers and T-bone steaks, on the basket.
  • Grill flare-ups and fire are not kind to the mesh. Clean-up is a breeze with a soft brush or cloth. Remember, it’s non-stick and re-usable for dozens of grilling cycles.
  • Try grilling your next home-made pizza in your mesh basket. You’ll get a flavorful wood-fired or charcoal fired pizza with a beautiful golden crust.

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