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Grill Mesh Toppers Take Your Grill to the Next Level


Time spent at the grill is never wasted. But if you are spending more time prepping and cleaning than cooking and eating, it’s time to flip the script. Essentialware’s Smoker and Grill Mesh Toppers will help get you there.

These incredible non-stick grill mesh toppers were designed so that you can get the most out of your grill, all day, every day. Food that are normally incompatible with the grill can finally shine thanks to the mesh topper’s non-stick, wide weave, easy-to-clean design.

There are some foods that seriously benefit from direct smoke. Burn hardwood chips like oak, hickory, or maple in the smoker and load up pizzas for an Italian experience reminiscent of la forno. Its delightfully crispy and delicate finish will amaze you.

Open yourself up to the simple and healthy delights of grilled fruit. When cooked over a flame, the sweetness and tang of fruits condense and intensify. Each bite becomes tender and juicy, and the smokiness adds a character of depth you’ve never yet experienced in cantaloupe, pineapple, peaches, watermelon and more.

The grill isn’t a one trick pony. It is a tool, capable of mighty feats and nearly infinite uses when paired with the right accessories. These mesh toppers will take your grill to the next level.



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