Heat Conductive Pads for A Better Transfer

Heat Conductive Pads for A Better Transfer

Finding the Right Heat Conductive Pads

If your products are commonly ghosting or gassing out, the solution is simple: you need a closer contact between transfer and item and a tape that prevents sliding during pressurization. Essentialware’s Green Silicone Rubber Heat Conductive Pads help evenly distribute heat and pressure in the sublimation process, while also protecting your materials.

We carry four sizes; 6″ x 8″, 14″ x 16″, 16″ x 20″, 20″ x 25″, and also offer a custom cut roll up to 18 feet long and 40 inches wide. You can also cut these pads down yourself if you have an even smaller size you need to accommodate. These heat conductive pads are 1/8” thick, which is ideal for the sublimation process of these more delicate materials.

Uses range broadly from DIY projects to large-scale garment production, from apparel to stoneware. Green Silicone Rubber Heat Conductive Pads can be used with many materials but usually delicate materials such as;  porcelain, glass, or stone tile, plaques, glass cutting boards, ornaments, and ceramic plates.

Tips for The Perfect Transfer

1. Remember to adjust your heat press pressure to accommodate for the pad and material you’re transferring to

2. Begin every press with a fresh transfer sheet

3. Tape down your image so you don’t get a duplicate image, known as ghosting

4. Remove the transfer in one quick, fluid motion


For other heat press accessory needs visit our Specialty Graphics section.


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