How to Turn Your Grill into a Griddle

We’re rounding the corner on the pandemic, and just in time for the summer. Envision days spent outside in public spaces, or friends from the neighborhood and beyond gathering in your backyard. Memorial Days, Labor Days, and Fourths of July all back in the public sphere.

You might be thinking ahead to those sunnier days, imagining what you’ll cook, or maybe the cover’s already come off the grill and you’re enjoying sunlit dinners.

If you’re here reading this, we already know you love the grill. So we want to equip you to do more with it.

Imagine this: your grill is the griddle.

Anything you would normally cook in the frying pan, all available to the grill top. Breakfast fare, pancakes, crepes, bacon. Game night grub, quesadillas, nachos, pizzas, and cheese melts. Even dessert.

In comes Smoker and Grill Sheets, our preferred way to turn the backyard behemoth into the ultimate multi-tasker.

And we’re pretty confident there’s nothing a grill sheet isn’t compatible with. Say you’re after grilled lemon chicken, some caramelized onions on the side, perhaps all loaded onto a toasted brioche. That’s a meal that calls for more than one major appliance. Or, used to.


One lightweight, non-stick sheet is large enough to accommodate several foods at once. Line your grill top with several to use your whole grill space without the risk of food loss.

Or, say you want to open up new avenues to outdoor cooking, a breakfast sandwich cooked on the griddle for example. One grill sheet is all you need to cook the bacon, crack an egg, toast the bun, and melt the cheese— all at the same time.

plate of eggs, bacon, pancakes with a roll of Grill Sheets in the background

To round out the simplicity of these mats, cleaning is easier than cooking on the stove or grill. Simply take your grill sheet to the sink, soap and wipe it clean with a soft sponge. You’re ready to pivot to the next thing in under a minute, on to the real event: socializing with your company.


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