PTFE Fabric – Handy Home Uses

PTFE materials are essential in thousands of commercial and industrial applications, but there are a bunch of home uses too.

PTFE Fabric – Handy Home Uses

Those familiar with PTFE products in the commercial arenas such as food service, garment graphics and packaging/sealing industries are aware of the benefits of PTFE products. By its very nature, PTFE products are heat resistant, non-toxic and non-stick. This makes PTFE material essential in thousands of commercial and industrial applications. But, what about the applications for this great material in our homes? Let’s look a few home uses of PTFE fabrics.

First, let’s define the materials we will be talking about. PTFE sheet fabric is nonstick coated fiberglass fabric. The amount of fabric coating varies, which determines the thickness and weight of the fabric. Fortunately, we can make this easy by specifying standard 5mil PTFE fabric for our home use apps. Dual surface fabric is PTFE coated fiberglass fabric on one side, with a layer of silicone rubber on the other side. Thus we have a dual surface fabric; non-stick on the PTFE side, tacky on the silicone side. The main advantage of the dual surface fabric is that when laid silicone side down, it doesn’t move or shift.

Now that your PTFE/Silicone fabric primer is complete, let’s list those little- known home uses of the products:

  • Line the cavity around you gas stove burners with PTFE fabric to make cleaning super easy.
  • Trim PTFE fabric to fit your toaster oven drip tray – drippings will not bind to the liner.
  • Have a garage or workshop infrared heater? Line the ceiling above the infrared heater to insulate your ceiling from excessive heat.
  • Use dual surface PTFE/Silicone fabric as a craft table or work bench cover. Never will you need to worry about paints, glues, adhesives and ink staining table surfaces.
  • Use dual surface PTFE/Silicone as a kitchen shelf liner, especially the shelf that holds the sticky, gooey stuff like syrups, molasses and honey.
  • PTFE fabric and PTFE/Silicone fabrics make a great garage floor cover to capture leaky oil, transmission fluids or grease.
  • For those who celebrate Christmas with a live tree, use the dual surface product as a floor liner underneath the tree. Tree sap will clean easily from the PTFE fabric surface.
  • Dual surface fabric is a great floor protection liner beneath appliances like refrigerators and water coolers.

Have your own favorite uses of PTFE fabric? Let us know how you are using your PTFE fabrics by emailing Essentialware at info@essentialware.com


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