Smoker and Grill Baskets: A Simple Solution for the Grill

Smoker and Grill Baskets: A Simple Solution for the Grill from Essentialware

Smoker and Grill Baskets: A Simple Solution for the Grill

The number one underestimation of a grill is thinking you’re limited by the design of its surface. Admittedly, those grates can be unforgiving. They need a great deal of care, seasoning, cleaning, and still risk losing food through their surface.

Fortunately, the best solutions are often the simplest. These Smoker and BBQ Grill Baskets ensure the fewest steps between you and a great meal.

Grill baskets reduce food loss and gain control.

The number one way to reduce food loss is simple: close the gap between the food and those gaping grates. Anyone who has spent considerable time at the grill knows the frustration of sacrificing food to the fire gods. The age old solution, aluminum, is fussy, messy, and wasteful.

Unlike aluminum, you can actually see the flames below your food, giving you better control of your cooking temperatures and time. The wide mesh design allows for a clear view, but when packed with food, can simply be slid to the side.

 A “one pot” solution for the grill.

Clear the plates away, all you need is one grill basket and an assortment of foods.

Imagine the ease: surf and turf cooked side by side, in the same basket to marry their flavors, or in their own baskets for more control over time, temperature, and cross contamination. Maybe you want onions and pepper alongside your protein. Simply transfer all vegetable straight from the cutting board to the basket, take to the grill, and let it roll.

The sticky problem with smoking.

If you’ve tried smoking ham or fish but found that the flesh sticks to the smoker’s grates, you’re in luck. These mesh baskets are totally non-stick. The wide-mesh design of these grill baskets allows for direct smoke exposure and easy release from the surface.

Best of all, these unfussy baskets are easy to clean. Simply use soap and a soft sponge, or place on the top wrack of a dishwasher. With proper care, each basket will serve you for years to come.

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