The Three Most Important QSR COVID Safety Tips

These QSR COVID safety tips from Essentialware will keep your team and customers safe this winter.

These QSR COVID safety tips will keep your team and customers safe this winter.

How will your restaurant adjust to ensure that you don’t lose out on business this winter?

Odds are, there are several simple ways you could improve customers’ sense of wellbeing. Nation’s Restaurant News published a report on the most effective safety regulations in QSR.

Here are the big takeaways:

  • Only 12.3% of operators had COVID-related signage detailing the safety precautions the companies were taking during the pandemic: A lot of customers said that the number one thing they wanted from restaurants was a sign to make sure they’re doing things to make them feel much more comfortable coming back.
  • The use of a plastic barrier between the employee and customer is key, which only 58.7% of operators used: customers are reassured when an employee would either hand customers their food over or under the partition so that there was a transparent barrier to protect both parties from aerosol droplets.
  • What’s most crucial is how operators handle pickup orders: 80.1% of employees just handed the order to the customer, while only 16.4% followed experts’ suggestion of placing the order on a tray before handing it to a customer. Only 3.5% of operators placed the order on the window or implemented a different strategy altogether.


With these QSR COVID safety regulations in place, we hope to see you weather the winter season with consistent sales and safe practices for all.


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