2020 Fast Track 50 Winners Announced

Essentialware team photo 2022


The staff of Essentialware and family are pictured for the Fast Track 50 Award. Top Row, left to right: Cindy Moore, Kathleen Marria, Danielle Baker, Kim Moore.  Bottom Row, left to right: CEO and founder Kevin Moore, bottom left, Jason Moore, Richard Baker.


We are pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year, Essentialware has been recognized as a distinguished small business by the Lake-Geauga Fast Track 50.


This prestigious award, founded in 1993, has long honored small businesses as a vital component of a healthy community, producing 44% of all American economic activity. In order to qualify for the honor, a company must show 80% sales growth and 20% employment growth for the previous five-year period.


In 2018, Essentialware was named an Emerging Honoree, a recognition reserved for the Top 5 emerging small business among their Fast Track 50 peers. In the two years since, Essentialware has more than doubled their number of employees, upgraded the shipping and processing warehouse, and moved to a larger office space. They even adopted a dog.


How is Essentialware growing in a year where 60% of small businesses have gone under?

They work in collaboration to solve problems and create custom solutions that make sense. Their vision is to help customers grow their businesses by providing them with the tools for a more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable operations.


Their mission and record of excellence drive their commitment to community, leading to growth even in a year of economic unrest.


Small businesses are the lifeblood of a thriving community, and when successful, contribute to industry growth, innovation, and job creation, says founder Kevin Moore.  “In a tumultuous year defined largely by a pandemic, the success of small businesses in our communities is something worth celebrating. We look forward to serving our community for years to come and invite our customers to contact us with ideas for new ways we can work and grow together.”


This year’s Fast Track 50 awards ceremony will take place virtually on Nov. 5th.


About Essentialware

Essentialware creates and delivers the most extensive range of custom non-stick, heat resistant composite materials to industries worldwide. For more information, contact info@essentialware.com


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