Industrial PTFE Fabrics & Mesh Rolls

Non-stick PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) materials are highly valued in custom fabrications and various industrial applications due to their exceptional non-stick, high-temperature resistance, and chemical resistance properties. These materials provide unique advantages in manufacturing, processing, and production environments.

Common industrial applications of non-stick PTFE materials include:

Seals and Gaskets: PTFE gaskets and seals are used in industries where chemical resistance, non-stick properties, and high-temperature resistance are essential, such as in chemical processing, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Conveyor Belts: PTFE conveyor belts are used in food processing, packaging, and industrial applications to transport materials through high-temperature processes without sticking.

Release Liners: PTFE release liners are employed in adhesive tape and label manufacturing, ensuring that adhesive materials do not stick to the backing during storage and application.

Heat Sealing: PTFE films and tapes are used in heat sealing applications to prevent materials from adhering to heated surfaces during sealing processes.

Expansion Joints: PTFE expansion joints are utilized in pipelines and ducts to accommodate thermal expansion, resist corrosion, and maintain a non-stick interior surface.

Textile Industry: PTFE-coated fabrics are employed in the textile industry for applications such as conveyor belts, fusing presses, and heat-sealing equipment.

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