3 Ways to Celebrate National Hamburger Month

Essentialware celebrates National Hamburger Month

It’s National Hamburger Month! And we’re here to help.

The perfect excuse (you didn’t really need) to make hamburgers this month.


1. What else? Celebrate at the grill

Is it really any coincidence that National Hamburger Month coincides with the best time of year to roll out the grill? We think not. So we suggest you throw a barbecue in your back yard or local park. Here’s a friendly reminder that you’re still gonna wanna do something about that public grill.

2. Amp up your burger game

Learn to make a hamburger from Chef Gordon Ramsey to bring a certain swagger to your burger game. His famous perfect burger recipe (below) is foolproof.

For a gourmet take, try his 10 millionth subscriber burger, complete with portobello mushroom and a runny egg.

Have your own recipe? Ramsey’s top 10 burger tips might just take your classic recipe to the next level.

3. A cautionary tale of the perils of burger fame

Keep conversations topical while you grill, regale your company with the age-old tale of “be careful what you wish for,” the somehow thrilling story of how a listicle named, then killed, “The Best Burger in America”. Then, a couple of twists later, it’s ultimate fate was decided.



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