* What a Grill Wants: 6 Excellent Grill Gifts for any Holiday

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What A Grill Wants: 6 Excellent Grill Gifts for Any Holiday

We’ve rounded up our favorite grill gifts, gadgets, and gear. Covering a wide range of budgets and lifestyles, we’re confident you’ll find something your grill master will love.


$25-$30: A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Any grill aficionado will find joy in the Grill Masters Club Box, which includes sauces, rubs, marinades, wood chips, new recipes, and grilling accessories to keep them inspired and supplied year round. We think the collection of beautifully packaged gifts you’ll received is worth the price, whether as a one-time purchase or year-long subscription. If you’d like a cost-benefit analysis, for $25-30 per box, you’ll receive four to five items. Each item is hand selected, researched, and taste tested by the Grill Masters themselves. At five bucks per item, you can’t put together a grill gifts box at a better price.

$30-$50: All-Season Grill Gear

We want to see grills last many years, and have utility year-round. To make that happen, we recommend you splurge (just a little) on a grill cover so your grill is rust-free and accessible in all weather. After all, they don’t sell grill insurance. The Veranda Water Resistant Cover by Classic Accessories comes in a variety of sizes, and has bound-seams and laminated weatherproofing. The trade-off here is the weight and bulk; it wont be as easy to navigate as a simple polyester cover, but we think that extending the life of your grill is worth the bulk.


$40-$50: All-In-One Set

If you opt for the Cuisinart’s 13-Piece Bamboo Grill Set, what you’re really getting is value. At the exceptional price of $50 (discounted at some retailers) this bamboo accented 13-piece set of grill accessories is a beautiful, functional, and durable addition to any griller’s toolkit. This set includes: A Spatula, Basting Brush, Cleaning Brush, Tongs, 4 Stainless Skewers and 4 Corn Cob Holders.


$250: Traveling and Camping Grill Gear

The reputable OutdoorGearLab ranks the Napoleon TravelQ grill as the best on the market, and we’re inclined to agree. With an impressive surface area, two burners, cast iron grates, and a sturdy build, this propane grill will suit any small gathering, particularly at a campsite. Some buyers report this small but mighty grill reaches temperatures up to 70oF. At 28 lbs, it will be your best travel companion.


The Gift of Value

We only recommend and sell what we ourselves love and believe will enhance your experience at the grill or smoker. We hold every recommendation to the high value model we use for our own products. After all, accessories are a grill’s best friend.


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