6 Reasons to Use PTFE Heat Transfers

Most veteran heat transfer folks know the importance of using PTFE fabric when transferring images onto garments. They know how costly a mistake can be, and understand it is a time and money saving practice. Here are six reasons why you should have PTFE platen covers, cover sheets and pressing pillows by your side when imaging garments:

  1. PTFE cover sheets and PTFE upper platen wraps reduce burning of heat sensitive fabrics and overheating inks and transfers. These products help keep garments out of the discard bin.
  2. PTFE cover sheets and upper platen wraps prevent inadvertent transfer of sublimation ink to the upper platen surface. Cleaning upper platens chews precious time.
  3. PTFE cover sheets allow you to cover existing garment transfers while applying a new transfer.
  4. Lower PTFE platen wraps save wear and tear of the heat press lower pad. Replacing pads can set you back quite a few bucks.
  5. Lower PTFE platen wraps prevent inadvertent transfers of ink from the opposite side of the garment from staining your lower pad. See benefit number 4.
  6. Using PTFE pressing pillows is the best way to insulate zippers, buttons, creases and rhinestones from ruining a beautiful transfer. Again, let’s save those garments from the discard bin.

These time- and garment-saving solutions are essential for a low-overhead operation.

Contact us today to learn more about how your garment graphics season can be more profitable with our PTFE heat transfer line of cover sheets, platen wraps, pressing pillows and heat conductive rubber pads from Essentialware.


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