Get More Out Of Your Essentialware PTFE Products

Our customers already know that Essentialware’s PTFE products are a great value, probably the best PTFE sheet, grill/smoker basket, mesh and roll prices in the commercial food service industry. There are simple care and use steps for your products that will enhance their value by increasing the product’s useful life. Follow these steps when using and caring for your PTFE sheet, basket, or mesh product:

PTFE Care and Use

  • Wipe baskets and liners clean with a damp cloth after each use with water or a mild detergent. Use baking soda to remove oils. Avoid the use of chemicals or solvents.
  • Avoid “seasoning” sprays like PAM, which has a soy lecithin base that leaves a tacky, filmy residue.
  • Do not scrape products or clean with a hard-edged implement. Never use abrasive cleaning materials.
  • The maximum operating temperature is 550° F. Repeated overheating of the products will shorten their life.
  • Never place sheets, baskets or mesh near the heat source such as heat coils or open flame. Never place on oven floors.
  • Use of fatty foods, particularly animal fats, on these products will shorten useful life.
  • When using sheets or flat mesh, rotate the food contact side of the product after every use.

And finally…. Replace PTFE products when the non-stick surface shows wear.


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