Grill Sheets: The Grill Master’s Perfect Gift

Grill & smoker kits from Essentialware

Grill Sheets: The Grill Master’s Perfect Gift

Introducing the star of the 2021 barbecue season: Smoker and BBQ Grill Sheets by Essentialware.

These mighty sheets solve just about every problem you face at the grill:

Greasy food causing flair ups? Check

Unseasoned grates charring and tearing chunks? Check

Can’t cook smaller foods like onions and mushrooms for fear of it falling through? Check

Worried about public grills with more bacteria than a toilet seat? Check

Here’s how grill sheets get the job done:

The solid non-stick surface creates a barrier between dripping foods and the flame, capturing liquids and keeping them close to the source, making for a juicier steak or burger.

The non-stick barrier works double duty, ensuring that your food never sears to the surface of the grill, making it easy to check color as you cook, and allowing foods that are normally too delicate for the grill, like white fish, to cook without breakage. You’ll still get those beautiful restaurant-quality grill marks.

Ever made a onions and mushroom burger on the grill? The greatest convenience of these sheets is that you’ll never have to worry again about food falling through the grates. This opens up your grill to a world of new possibilities: experiment like you’ve never done before, turn your grill into a breakfast griddle and make pancakes, eggs, and bacon side by side for a one-of-a-kind morning.

These grill sheets also shine in the public park, where public grills languish year-round without cleaning or care. One sheet is all you need. Instantly, you’ve created a sanitary barrier between your meal and the unknowable history of that grill’s surface.

Happy holidays, and remember: The best gift is one that enhances what they already love.


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