Reducing Food Waste in Commercial Kitchens with PTFE

Non-stick FDA-approved Foodsafe PTFE Mesh from Essentialware

Commercial kitchens are bustling hubs of culinary creativity, constantly striving to meet the demands of a hungry customer base. However, a significant challenge faced by these kitchens is the issue of food waste caused by ingredients sticking to cooking surfaces. In the pursuit of efficiency and sustainability, many establishments are turning to innovative solutions, such […]

Comparing Silicone-Coated Parchment Paper and Reusable PTFE Baking Sheets

A Sustainable Shift: Silicone-Coated Parchment Paper vs. Reusable PTFE Baking Sheets In the realm of baking, the quest for sustainable alternatives has led to a comparison between the traditional silicone-coated parchment paper and the increasingly popular reusable (PTFE) baking sheets. Both materials boast non-stick properties, but their environmental impact and longevity set them apart. Let’s […]

Demystifying PTFE: A Closer Look at Non-Stick Capabilities

heat press over red t shirt with Essentialware logo

Have you ever wondered about the magic behind non-stick pans or the effortless glide of your kitchen tools? The secret ingredient lies in a remarkable material called PTFE. Let’s dive into the world of PTFE, exploring its meaning, applications, and the difference between PTFE and Teflon. What is PTFE? PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene, a synthetic […]

The Differences between PTFE vs. Forever Chemicals (PFAs and PFOAs)

PTFE and PFOA are two different substances that are often associated with non-stick cookware, such as Teflon (a trademark owned by Dupont). Here’s a brief overview of each: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene):PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer with remarkable non-stick properties.It is commonly used in non-stick cookware (smoking, baking, toasting) and garment graphics (heat press contact sheets, pillows, […]

10 Convenience Store Food Service Trends To Look Out For

Essentialware is a trusted provider of essential commercial kitchen accessories like high-heat resistant oven gloves, mitts, non-stick oven baskets & release sheets for bun toasters & grills.

Convenience stores have come a long way from being just a place to grab a quick snack or drink. They have transformed into a one-stop-shop for a variety of products, including food. In recent years, convenience store owners and operators have stepped up their game by offering a wider variety of fresh and healthy food […]

Our Values

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Our Values Essentialware is an industry leader in high value high temperature/non-stick materials providing operationally essential products to a wide range of industries. Our customers range from Fortune 1000 to small business owners who benefit daily from the problems we solve and theĀ  value we deliver to their operations. Our people and our values matter. […]

How to Turn Your Grill into a Griddle

Essentialware blog on how turn your grill into a griddle using our non-stick PTFE release sheets

How to Turn Your Grill into a Griddle We’re rounding the corner on the pandemic, and just in time for the summer. Envision days spent outside in public spaces, or friends from the neighborhood and beyond gathering in your backyard. Memorial Days, Labor Days, and Fourths of July all back in the public sphere. You […]

The Three Most Important QSR COVID Safety Tips

These QSR COVID safety tips from Essentialware will keep your team and customers safe this winter.

These QSR COVID safety tips will keep your team and customers safe this winter. How will your restaurant adjust to ensure that you don’t lose out on business this winter? Odds are, there are several simple ways you could improve customers’ sense of wellbeing. Nation’s Restaurant News published a report on the most effective safety […]

A Pocket Your Grill Will Love

There are few summer treats better suited to the grill than kabobs. Endlessly adaptable, kid-friendly, and serves the purpose of bringing foods normally unfamiliar to the grill to center stage. We admire the kabob. But we thought we could do one better. So we designed the Pocket, a non-stick mesh you can load up, flip, […]