PTFE Fabric – Handy Home Uses

Those familiar with PTFE products in the commercial arenas such as food service, garment graphics and packaging/sealing industries are aware of the benefits of PTFE products. By its very nature, PTFE products are heat resistant, non-toxic and non-stick. This makes PTFE material essential in thousands of commercial and industrial applications. But, what about the applications […]

Forget Grill Sheets – Grill with PTFE Mesh Baskets

Turn on daytime or late-night TV and you can’t avoid commercials with some dude hawking magic non-stick grilling sheets. This miracle product is nothing more than PTFE coated fiberglass fabric sold at a hefty premium price. The grill sheet product really works as advertised, but the PTFE grill product that delivers far more value is […]

Get More Out Of Your Essentialware PTFE Products

Our customers already know that Essentialware’s PTFE products are a great value, probably the best PTFE sheet, grill/smoker basket, mesh and roll prices in the commercial food service industry. There are simple care and use steps for your products that will enhance their value by increasing the product’s useful life. Follow these steps when using […]

6 Reasons to Use PTFE Heat Transfers

Most veteran heat transfer folks know the importance of using PTFE fabric when transferring images onto garments. They know how costly a mistake can be, and understand it is a time and money saving practice. Here are six reasons why you should have PTFE platen covers, cover sheets and pressing pillows by your side when […]

Heat Conductive Pads for A Better Transfer

Finding the Right Heat Conductive Pads If your products are commonly ghosting or gassing out, the solution is simple: you need a closer contact between transfer and item and a tape that prevents sliding during pressurization. Essentialware’s Green Silicone Rubber Heat Conductive Pads help evenly distribute heat and pressure in the sublimation process, while also […]

PFOA-Free at Essentialware

PFOA is short for Perfluorooctanoic acid, a synthetic used in a wide range of industrial chemical processes, has been linked to a wide variety of health issues in manufacturing. As of 2019, Essentialware has ensured that each of our suppliers produce PFOA-free. In a continual effort to protect our relationship with planet Earth, Essentialware will […]

2020 Fast Track 50 Winners Announced

The staff of Essentialware and family are pictured for the Fast Track 50 Award. Top Row, left to right: Cindy Moore, Kathleen Marria, Danielle Baker, Kim Moore.  Bottom Row, left to right: CEO and founder Kevin Moore, bottom left, Jason Moore, Richard Baker.   We are pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year, […]